CIMAC Newsletter February 2024

An exciting new year has just begun. A lot is changing in the world, and CIMAC also has to keep adapting to the changing conditions and is doing so. We have now done this in a very fundamental way, namely with a new subline for our logo. I think it expresses very well what CIMAC does. Read more about this in the first article of this newsletter.

Yours sincerely

Peter Müller-Baum
Secretary General


CIMAC logo with new subline


Visiting the CIMAC website, you might have realized that the logo has slightly changed. Why this? CIMAC was founded in 1950 as an industry event to discuss new ideas and developments within the engine and components industry together with institutes and universities. The name originates ...

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Survey for Whitepaper on battery use

CIMAC WGs in cooperation with the Maritime Battery Forum are currently running a survey on battery use in deep sea shipping to find out in which scenarios battery use is beneficial for ocean shipping.

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CIMAC Congress sponsorship program

The next CIMAC Congress will take place in 2 years already. Zurich in Switzerland will be the host city from May 19 to 23, 2025. Preparations are running. As the CIMAC Congress is an ideal platform for sponsoring opportunities, you might want to make advantage of the sponsorship packages.

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