CIMAC Newsletter November 2023
Dear recipient,

we are right in the season for meetings and gatherings, autumn has a magic with it. The end of the calendar year is in sight, still many to-dos and project finishings on the table and plannings for 2024 are also coming into our minds. The CIMAC community is very active, as always is. Last month we had the chance to meet each other at theBoard and Council meetings in Switzerland. Many topics were discussed and the general strategic alignment was under review. CIMAC will work on its diversity, may it be persons with responsibility but also with the topics covered and CIMAC will play a larger role in policy making in the future. Just in time to face the challenges that lie in front of us. And, visiting the CIMAC25 venue in Zurich was an insightful experience for the Council members. Thank you CIMAC family, for being such a vibrant one. With kindest regards,

Daniel Erdmann
Deputy Secretary General


CIMAC Circle during Marintec

During the 2023 Marintec scheduled for 5. - 8. December in Shanghai /China, we will hold a CIMAC Circle. It will take place in the morning of 6.12, the place will be communicated in due time.

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CIMAC WG 10 to be revived

The world of shipping is constantly changing. The current challenges around climate change and the need to quickly and drastically lower emissions in shipping are further accelerating this change. So, in order to network the industry, what could be more logical than to revive the work of the CIMAC WG 10 Users?

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CIMAC Board, CIMAC Council and Digitalization Strategy Group met

CIMAC Board, CIMAC Council and Digitalisation Strategy Group recently held meetings in Switzerland at the same week. This provided good opportunities for networking and exchange within the groups and beyond.

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CIMAC Congress 2025: Planning has started

CIMAC 23 is history, planning for the CIMAC Congress 2025 is underway. Zurich will host it from May 19 to 23, 2025. This time there will be only 2 years in between, as the Busan event had to be postponed due to COVID 19. CIMAC 2025 will offer many opportunities and partnership options.

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WG 21 Guideline on rules for stopping a ship with azimuthing thrusters

WG 21 published a guideline about making new rules for stopping ships that use azimuthing thrusters. The current SOLAS rules don't consider modern ship designs with different types of propulsion systems and technology improvements in ship equipment and design tools.

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