Who we are

We have 40 members from some 15 countries worldwide, including:

  • Gas engine manufacturers
  • Component suppliers to the gas engine industry
  • R & D organizations, consultants and universities
  • Oil and gas companies
  • Classification societies

What we do

We deal with all aspects of gas engine technology by discussing and producing various information documents and statements of interest both to our industry and the public in general, such as the following:

  • Exhaust emission issues related to gas engines
  • Gas engine performance definitions
  • Gas quality issues
  • Application and safety issues

Our current projects and activities

      • Gas quality discussions related to the use of LNG, possible hydrogen-enrichment of natural gas and the need for improved knocking-stability definitions of fuel gases.
      • Input to the ongoing work within IMO with the “International Gas Fuel Code”.
      • About greenhouse gas emissions from gas engines.
      • Information document about the use of gas engines in the marine industry.

Latest publications

Various position papers on several gas engine topics, such as the following:

Meeting activities

Meetings are normally held twice per year, and at times in connection with relevant industry activities, such as:

  • The Dessau Gas Engine Conference
  • The TU Graz Thermodynamic Conference
  • The Ricardo / MTZ Heavy Duty Engine Conference