Mission Statement

The members of CIMAC WG2 ‘Classification’ cooperate constructively and respectfully with classification societies and IACS in a close exchange of experience and ideas on the development, creation, revision and interpretation of state of the art marine rules and regulations for mutual benefit in order to maintain and further develop safety of life at sea and protection of the marine environment.

Who we are

CIMAC WG2 represents engine builders, engine designers and worldwide suppliers and consists of: 

  • Around thirty members from the following countries: Austria, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, China, Korea, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom and United States
  • Members of the Japanese engine builders association (JICEF)
  • The Chairman of the International Association of Classification Societies Machinery Panel (IACS MP)
  • One member each from DNV, LR and BV

What we do

Aim and scope of Working Group 2:
  • To discuss and approve unified class rules with the IACS Machinery Panel for the benefit of the global marine industry. IACS has approved CIMAC WG 2 as the only notified body regarding class rules.
  • To adjust the existing class rules so that they comply with current technical developments of diesel engines and their auxiliary systems.
  • To participate in joint meetings with the IACS Machinery Panel in order to exchange views and thereby contribute to both theoretical and practical inputs to new or revised class rules.
  • To coordinate the input of other CIMAC WGs to the IACS Machinery Panel.
  • To prepare CIMAC publications.

Our current projects and activities

  • Cofferdam Height (ST-11-060)
  • Comments to IACS UR on Harmonized Application Forms (proposal CL-14-001) (PM13926).
  • Subgroup and proposal for “Terms and Definitions” towards IACS MP.
  • Sub-group “Propeller damping”.
  • Sub-group “Use of fuel with different properties”.
  • Sub-group “Turbocharger”.
  • Sub-group “FAT & TAT of engines”.
  • Sub-group “Ventilation air double wall piping”.


Collaboration with the IACS Machinery Panel

  • Comments to IACS UR on Harmonized Application Forms (proposal CL-14-001) (PM13926).
  • Comments to IACS UR on gas engines using low pressure gas (PM6902) in co-operation with WG15 and WG17.
  • Comments to IACS Revision of UR M44 (PM9906).
  • Comments to IACS FMEA in M44 (PM12918) in co-operation with WG15.
  • Comments to IACS on UR M53 Appendices IV – VI (PM11100) in co-operation with WG4.
  • Comments to IACS UR on Harmonized Content of Type Approval Certificates (PM15903).
  • 20 July 2015, CIMAC WG2 submitted a position paper regarding “Harmonized Terms and Definitions”.
  • 22 July 2015 CIMAC WG2 submitted a statement towards IACS Machinery Panel “Collaboration from the very beginning of IACS UR and UI”.

Meeting activities

  • At least two ordinary CIMAC WG2 meetings per year.
  • One online meeting per year if needed.
  • One joint meeting with all classification societies (IACS Machinery Panel) per year.

In the joint meeting, only the chairman, the secretary and a few members very involved in specific matters will participate from WG2. The chairpersons of WG4, WG15 and WG17 will also participate if needed.