Who we are

The CIMAC WG21 'Propulsion' has been founded with the initial scope of dealing with Azimuth and non-shaftline propulsion manufacturers and potentially manufacturers of other electromechanical marine equipment directly associated with vessel maneuverability, such as the steering gear.

What we do

The purpose of the WG is for the industry to come together on a common platform to improve understanding between different industry stakeholders and to contribute to classification work with the main regulatory bodies. In other words to harmonize the common rules and to be vigilant against proposals that could prevent the purposeful and optimal use of azimuthing propulsors.

Working Group 21 deals with the reliability and safety of non-shaftline propulsion systems in general. The main recurring topic is the implementation of alternative technologies. Different technologies sometimes creates a friction depending on the application of existing rules. It is the objective of the Working Group 21 to advise and formulate solutions to enable all technologies to be used in a cost effective, safe and reliable way.

Our current project and activities

Working Group 21 deals predominantly with the classification societies, represented in the IACS Machinery Panel. The formal communication between IACS and CIMAC is via Working Group Classification (WG 2).


The Working Group consists of azimuthing propulsion, engineering companies, research organisations, system component suppliers such as related electrical equipment & automation, controls, gears, thrusters and system integrators including engine users, shipyards, and classification societies.

Our members are highly motivated and active contributors to the Working Group output. The main driving motivation for our members is that the time spent on the Working Group activities must add value to their daily job and responsibilities. This objective is achieved in two ways, formally through Working Group proposals and informally through the good social network within the Working Group. The exchange of information on new upcoming rules and understanding the associated challenges are important for the Working Group 21 members.

The participants represent the absolute majority of azimuthing propulsion manufacturers both in number of companies and products delivered.

Latest publications


Meetings are held about twice per year and hosted in turn by the companies of the different members. Work sessions are sometimes organized when needed.
  • First kick-off meeting was held on Sept. 28, 2017, in Frankfurt, Germany.