Who we are

  • Engine manufacturers
  • Ship owners
  • Classification societies
  • Fuel suppliers
  • Handling equipment manufacturers
  • Fuel analyst institutes
  • Fuel additive suppliers

What we do

  • Prepare recommendations for:
  • Low-sulfur fuel quality and operation
  • Combustion properties
  • Fuel grade rationalization
  • Bio fuels considerations
  • Follow fuel quality worldwide
  • Investigation of prerequisites for using fuel from different compositions

Who we work with

  • We are a working group of experienced specialists within marine fuels, represented by the major players, and our goal is to prepare recommendations and make tools for the industry on how to operate on fuel, and choose fuels that will ensure safe operation of the diesel engines.
  • Support the ISO 8217 Fuel Standard Group.
  • Coordination with sister CIMAC WGs, such as USERS, Lube Oil and Emissions.

Our current projects and activities

  • Ignition and Combustion Properties – Industry survey published on WG 7 webpage.
  • Recommendation No. 21 “Recommendations regarding Fuel Quality for Diesel Engines”.
  • Recommendation No. 25 “Recommendations concerning the design of heavy fuel treatment plants for diesel engines”.

Latest publications

Current subgroups include

  • SG 1-1 - CFR (Certified Flow Rate)
  • SG 1-2 - Separators
  • SG 3    - pH / Corrosivity 
  • SG 4    - Stability / Compatibility 
  • SG 7    - VLSFO - Operational experience
  • SG 10  - Alternative Fuels

Meeting activities

  • Working on: Fuel recommendations and fuel applications in eight sub-groups.
  • Presentations and discussions by group members and external guest speakers.