The first CIMAC Webinar and a repeat of the same were successfully completed on March 5 and March 19, 2020. The response was overwhelming and we thank all the participants for being a part and making it a success. 

The presentations from the Webinars have been uploaded on the right hand side under 'Downloads'. For those who missed the Webinar, there will be a repeat of the Webinars in due time (which shall be announced soon).   

Webinar Survey:

To all participants who attended our Webinars, here is a short CIMAC Survey that we would like you to fill in -  


Title: CIMAC Webinars - The Global Sulphur Cap 2020

Overview: CIMAC ‘WG7 Fuels’ Chair, Kjeld Aabo from MAN Energy Solutions and Secretary, Charlotte Røjgaard from Bureau Veritas Marine Fuel Services, VeriFuel, to provide an industry perspective to the Ship Owners/Operators on how to deal with the challenges of the Global Sulphur Cap 2020. 

    • Highlights of the Webinar to include: Technical and operational challenges, compliant fuels in the market, the Engine maker’s perspective and initial observations from available data and analysis.  
    • The format for the Webinar is 30 minutes of presentation and 15 minutes discussion (Q&A), 45 minutes in total for each Webinar.  
    • The Webinar is open to everyone interested and/or associated with the topic with the presentation content targeting in particular the Ship Owners/Operators.  
    • All details to be published on the CIMAC Website, including links to join the Webinar to be regularly updated here. 


- Kjeld Aabo, Director, New Technologies, MAN Energy Solutions

- Charlotte Røjgaard, Global Head, Bureau Veritas Marine Fuel Services, VeriFuel