March 15

The 6th CIMAC CASCADES seminar for young engineers entitled


Dual Fuel and Gas Engines – Their Impact on Application, Design and Components


took place on February 26 and 27 at the campus of Graz University of Technology.

The program featured:


1.      Visits to AVL, a leading engine consultant company, and to the LEC, a research center in the area of large engines at Graz University of Technology,

2.      Outstanding presentations from leading engine manufacturers, suppliers and research institutes and

3.      A job fair for engineers organized by leading Austrian companies in the field of combustion engines.


More than 200 participants from 13 countries were present, 120 of them students and pupils from technical schools in Austria, France, Switzerland and Germany.  All students attended free of charge thanks to the sponsorship of Graz University of Technology together with the LEC, AVL, FMMI and Miba. 


After the opening keynote presentation on visual combustion studies by Prof. Takasaki from Kyushu University, nine presentations of extraordinary scientific depth were given by young engineers from the industry and research institutions. The presentations covered engine development, performance improvement, safety, control, components and scientific combustion research. Further details can be found in the program of the event and the presentations, which will be available soon at the CIMAC website. 


The young engineers, who gave very professional presentations, are living proof of the extraordinary high level of achievement in combustion engine engineering. I would like to thank all presenters for their great preparation and presentations, which made the event interesting and meaningful as well as a pleasure to follow. 


At the end of the seminar, the jury, which consisted of session chairs Rainer Aufischer, Andreas Lippert and Andreas Wimmer as well as former CIMAC president Karl Wojik, gave the CIMAC CASCADES award to:


Matthias Grotz for his presentation of


“Efficiency Increase of a High Performance Gas Engine for Distributed  Power Generation”


Mr. Grotz will be able to attend the next CIMAC Congress in Helsinki free of charge. He also received a Continuing Training Voucher from the Austrian NMA during the awards ceremony.


The job fair and company presentations were very well attended. Young engineers were able to establish direct contact with companies and their leading engineers and to become aware of job opportunities and career options in companies and research institutions dealing with combustion engine technology.


On behalf of the Austrian NMA, Dr. Aufischer would like to thank all sponsors, presenters, participants and people involved in organizing the event for their support in making this event possible and a success.

Attendees in the seminar room      The presenters      The award winner