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Newsletter: CIMAC Newsletter July 2024
CIMAC Newsletter July 2024 How time flies. It's already summer again and the next CIMAC CONGRESS is just eleven months away. Preparations are in full swing. The call for papers is over and now it's .. more
Newsletter: CIMAC Newsletter May 2024
CIMAC Newsletter May 2024Finally, the Board & Council meeting could take place face-to-face in China, as it had been planned for a long time. It was a very fruitful meeting characterized by a .. more
Newsletter: CIMAC Newsletter April 2024
CIMAC Newsletter April 2024Big events cast their shadows ahead: the Call for Papers for the upcoming CIMAC Congress is out! We are already looking forward to numerous proposals. For the 2023 .. more
Newsletter: CIMAC Newsletter February 2024
CIMAC Newsletter February 2024An exciting new year has just begun. A lot is changing in the world, and CIMAC also has to keep adapting to the changing conditions and is doing so. We have now done .. more
Newsletter: CIMAC Newsletter September 2023
CIMAC Newsletter September 2023Dear recipient,It is a couple of weeks already since I took over from Prof. Donghan Jin as CIMAC President at the 30th World Congress of CIMAC. I would like to .. more
Newsletter: CIMAC Newsletter July 2023
CIMAC Newsletter July 2023I am greeting you from back home in Frankfurt, I trust all of you travelled safely home from Busan. It was a great pleasure to be meeting all of you in person in South .. more
Newsletter: CIMAC Newsletter June 2023
CIMAC Newsletter June 2023In a few days, the long wait will finally be over. That's when the CIMAC Congress begins in Busan. I am very much looking forward to meeting experts from all over the .. more
Newsletter: CIMAC Newsletter May 2023
CIMAC Newsletter May 2023Finally, on June 12, after many months of preparation, the CIMAC CONGRESS will open its doors. There are only a few weeks left now. We have all put a lot of work and heart .. more
Newsletter: CIMAC Newsletter March 2023
CIMAC Newsletter March 2023Dear CIMAC community,being rather new to the community and to the industry itself, I really enjoy and appreciate the very active membership within CIMAC community. From .. more
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