Christian Poensgen - Vice President Working Groups, CIMAC Board, Senior Vice President, MAN Energy Solutions

Christian Poensgen
Vice President, Working Groups, CIMAC Board, Senior 
Vice President, MAN Energy Solutions.


"CIMAC is already 70 years old, but very agile, very lively, and therefore have adapted to become very modern. In the numerous different groups of CIMAC – we have 11 working groups and 2 strategy groups; active cooperation is daily business. All the collaborative efforts in the working/strategy groups are a give and take approach from which everyone benefits, and we have a common understanding on different topics through the CIMAC documents – guidelines, recommendations etc.

I am confident this is the way forward to tackle the different challenges faced by the industry today, and thoroughly enjoy this kind of cooperation with opportunities for feedback. CIMAC, with its current working groups and strategy groups is well positioned to steer the industry in the right direction. I'm pleased to be representing CIMAC and to be a part of CIMAC’s extensive and successful work."

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