Oliver Riemenschneider - Division President, ABB Switzerland Ltd., Turbocharging, Member of CIMAC Council (NMA Switzerland)

Oliver Riemenschneider 
Division President,
ABB Switzerland Ltd., Turbocharging, 
Member of CIMAC Council 
(NMA Switzerland).  


Since its foundation in the 1950s, CIMAC has provided a global platform for researchers and engineers to exchange information, ideas and further advance the critical role of internal combustion engines in industries that aid social development worldwide.

ABB Turbocharging has been a long-standing, active contributor to this work, continuing to push the boundaries of turbocharging technologies and setting new benchmarks for performance: we’re proud to be part of the CIMAC family. In recent years, we have also chaired CIMAC’s GHG strategy group, defining the pathways towards the adoption of future fuels, which will create a critical role for internal combustion engines in a sustainable future for our planet. We look forward to continuing to help accelerate their evolution." 

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