Yasuyuki Takahata - Vice President Global Integration, CIMAC Board, Senior Vice President, Yanmar

Yasuyuki Takahata
Vice President, Global
Integration, CIMAC Board, 
Senior Vice President, YANMAR.


"Since 1951, when CIMAC was formed at the first CIMAC Congress, the organization has been based on exchange and collegial trust of all its members from the different parts of the world. These values are becoming more and more important as globalization continues to advance. Without trust and exchange, it will hardly be possible to solve the pressing problems of our time. The sustainability challenge faced by the industry today is a common challenge concerning anyone and everyone working in our large engines industry worldwide. Therefore, CIMAC is such an important association bringing together the different parts of the world – Europe, Asia and America on this common platform for dialogue.

I am confident that CIMAC will continue to contribute a great deal to the industry, to drive us all to become better and more environmentally friendly in the future, and to move towards our common global goals of climate neutrality worldwide."

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