Jonas Åkerman - Vice President Technical Program, CIMAC Board, Director R&D, Wärtsilä (Copy)

Jonas  Åkerman  
Vice President, Technical Program, CIMAC Board,  
Director R&D, Wärtsilä.


"Since the first assembly of CIMAC in 1951, the challenges faced by the industry and our society as a whole have multiplied four folds. Today, we are faced with making our planet sustainable and climate-neutral, and we must succeed in doing so quickly. Our industry and our engines are at the center of this challenge, and I do not see a way forward without CIMAC. 

CIMAC, as the association of the large engine industry, makes it even more possible to constantly exchange views and ideas with the different stakeholders, taking into account a wide range of different approaches to solutions. The CIMAC Congress, which takes place every three years, is the perfect platform to address common issues and progress together quickly towards our common goals. I’m convinced the 30th edition of our Congress, taking place in Busan Korea in June 2022 will accelerate the advancements and take the industry forward in the right direction. I am proud to be representing the association as a Vice-President of the Technical Program." 

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