Kjeld Aabo, Chair of CIMAC WG7 Fuels, Director New Technologies, MAN Energy Solutions,

Kjeld Aabo 
Chair of CIMAC WG7 Fuels, Director New Technologies, 
MAN Energy Solutions 


“I have been chairperson in the CIMAC Working Group Fuels for the last 30 years. In these decades I have seen how CIMAC has been able to attract some of the best specialists from the industry who have all come together to create essential tools for the industry. The CIMAC WG7 Fuels has existed in the industry for decades and has produced a significant number of guidelines and recommendations to the industry. Not least over the past couple of years where the legislative environment has led to a significant change in the marine fuels.

Specialists within the fuel lab companies, fuel suppliers, ship owner / operators, OEMs and engine designer / suppliers, where we discuss together and come to a common understanding on how to handle today’s fuel, and in recommendations communicate the “how to dos“ to the Maritime world / industry. Proper choice and handling of fuels is not only a matter about the engine and its working, but also about the overall safety, reliability, and availability issues at sea. I can only see CIMAC’s role in bringing everything together as a great success, and in its existence for 70 years now an important support to the industry in the past, today, and in the future." 

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