Peter Müller-Baum, Secretary General, CIMAC, Managing Director of VDMA Engines & Systems, VDMA Power-to-X for Applications

Peter Müller-Baum 
Secretary General CIMAC, Managing Director, VDMA Engines & Systems, VDMA Power-to-X for Applications


CIMAC was established in 1951 with fundamental principles centred around co-operation, scientific exchange, dialogue, and the search for ever new answers to the challenges of the large engines industry. I am the Secretary General of CIMAC for several years now and have seen the organization adapt successfully with changing times over the years, tackling newer challenges that arise as we progress. But the work done in CIMAC is a continuous process of triumphing present-day challenges and moving on to the bigger challenges of the future. Today, we need collaboration on different fronts - within the industry, between different sectors, and between different regions of the world and CIMAC here is playing an important part in holding together and representing our industry on a global stage.  

I am proud to be representing the association to the various stakeholders, and to be able to help in our search for better solutions and in ensuring that our industry can continue to be successful and sustainable in the future." 

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