Rick Boom - Vice President Working Groups, CIMAC Board, Director Marketing – Large Engine Systems, Woodward

Rick Boom 
Vice President, Working Groups, CIMAC Board,  
Director Marketing, Woodward.


"It is actually hard to believe that CIMAC is already 70 years old, because the underlying ideas are still very progressive and forward-looking. CIMAC has always been an association that has looked well ahead of time by setting strategies and plans in place to deal with future challenges. Digitalization today is bringing technology, innovation and change in the industry faster than ever before, and this is one of our important topics that is being discussed explicitly in one of our new Strategy Groups.

Having said this, it is also important not to forget to look back, to understand that we are part of a long and extremely successful tradition of technology development in the large engine industry. In a sense, CIMAC has the important responsibility of carrying the industry forward in the present and for the future. CIMAC’s successful operations in the last 70 years strengthens me in certainty that we can also successfully master the challenges of the future." 

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