Marko Dekena - CIMAC Vice President, Technical Program, Executive Vice President, Innio

Marko Dekena
Vice President, Technical Program, CIMAC Board, 
Executive Vice President, Innio


“70 years ago, CIMAC was founded during its first CIMAC Congress, and next year in 2022 the 30th CIMAC Congress will take place. This illustrates very clearly that the idea that led to the founding of CIMAC has successfully passed on through generations in our industry. Collaboration and innovation have been the two key pillars of CIMAC, and after all these years, CIMAC continues to deliver on these key pillars, as evident through the recent program announcement of the CIMAC Congress in Busan, Korea in 2022. 

CIMAC has established deep rooted foundations to tackle important global challenges of the industry today, such as the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and creating sustainable solutions for our engines, and this is going to be all the more important in the years to come. The CIMAC Congress in 2022 will be an important platform to further these discussions. I am happy to be a part of and representing CIMAC on the global stage." 

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