Ole Graa Jakobsen - Vice President Users, CIMAC Board, Vice President & Head of Fleet Technology, Maersk

Ole Graa Jakobsen
Vice President, Users, CIMAC Board, 
Vice President, Head of Fleet Technology, Maersk.


"CIMAC for me is a fascinating organization that brings together under one roof virtually all applications of the large engines industry, from maritime to stationary power generation equipment. And despite, or perhaps even because of this diversity, experts work together in a spirit of professionalism, trust and mutual respect and are always finding new solutions for the many different challenges of the industry that are thoroughly worked through.

Over the past 70 years CIMAC has been a strong contributor in addressing and solving key challenges for our industry. What sets apart the coming 30 years will be the need to significantly increase the pace of change due to the challenge of decarbonization, the  opportunities of digitalization and the need for increasing overall efficiencies. This calls for even stronger cooperation across the value chain and CIMAC is uniquely positioned to kickstart the process from facilitating an open-minded, fast-paced mindset across the industry that allows us to identify the solutions and standards that ensures global shipping remains the cornerstone in the global economy it is today." 

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